Dr. Z's Misfit Photography is Z Kermani and my husband, Johnny Morris.

Z started Dr. Z Photography in 2011 for general photography and added Shooting Star Boudoir Photography in 2015. I really am a doctor (PhD, Harvard University 2010, American Religious History), but I can't give you medical advice.

Johnny is a tattoo artist and my awesome photography assistant. Ask him about his vintage Star Wars collection. 

We got married on Halloween 2018 in Las Vegas, with Darth Vader officiating. The creepy ringbearer in the photo is my son.


In 2019, we decided to move away from general photography to focus on photographing what we love most: weird, unusual, unique, non-mainstream, non-conforming, extraordinary, and most interesting people and events. In February 2019, Dr. Z's Misfit Photography was born. We're misfits, and we own it. If you don't fit into a tidy box (or you fit into twelve boxes at once), we want to be your photographers.

Queer families, trans teens, tattooed couples, non-neurotypical children, poly throuples, goth/nerdy/freaky weddings, fantasy composite photo shoots (our "imagination sessions"): you're our people. Contact us and say hello.

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Dr. Z's Misfit Photography

© 2019 by Z Kermani

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Z Kermani & Johnny Morris  - our wedding at Viva Las Vegas Chapel, Halloween 2018